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experience with hurricane katrina, will that go through tuesday? >> it looks like it will go through tuesday. it's a big boost for president obama. he got the opportunity once again to operate in a crisis mode and got very high thumbs up from everybody, including republican governor, conservative governor chris christie. i think mitt romney made a terrible mistake. many people in the republican party are beating up on christie for being too warm or something, too kind to president obama. i think mitt romney made a mistake of not acting more presidential. calling republican governors and mobilizing people to bring supplies in. and taking more -- be positive about president obama. americans aren't voting a political leader. they are looking for a leader. >> you wrote mitt romney ought to have said i'm 100% behind this president. we're americans right now. his leadership is important for the country. how would you sell that to his campaign advisers? >> the problem mitt romney has and this isn't about advisers anymore. it's about saving the jersey shore and staten island. it's about caring enoug
with his personal situation with monica lewinsky, george w. bush when it came to hurricane katrina. it's tough. the white house staffers are around and soft and not on their a-game. also, the president is tired and perhaps he's not on his a-game. but after january 1st, 2014, president obama will become a lame duck president and people will already start thinking and acting like 2016 is right around the corner. >> does that mean, robert, that you think that republicans are going to play obstructionists? do you think they will? >> i don't think politically they can afford to do this this time around because president obama won with such big numbers. i think they will work with him on immigration reform and comprehensive tax reform and comprehensive climate change reform. other than that, after 2014, i can't imagine them working with him, unfortunately. >> what about the up preem court justices? if so, what potential challenge could that pose for him? >> he will certainly appoint one justice and likely two. the challenge is going to be from his base. they will want to see very liberal jus
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)